My name is Filipe*
I’m a Political Scientist based in Brussels.
I have a newsletter 🤷🏽‍♂️.
You can contact me at mail@fhenriques.eu

* pronunciation is /fɨˈlip(ɨ)/ but go ahead and call me /ˈfɪlɪp/ if that is easier

DISCLAIMER: I do have a day job, yet all opinions in this website are my own unless otherwise stated.

In the Media

🎙️Podcast on Green politics after the 2019 European Elections
📎O que os Verdes têm para oferecer à Europa são valores claros

📰Article on Green politics after the 2019 European Elections
🗣️Catalan and English
️📎És real, l‘onada verda?

❝ Quoted on Germany’s marriage equality law
️📎️ All of Germany’s Muslim MPs voted in favour of same-sex marriage

📰Series of articles on the 2017 UK elections
️📎 ️️️A Week Later
️📎The Current Political Landscape

❝ Quoted on the gender equality project “Women Not Allowed”
️📎️️Mulher Não Entra: até onde vai a desigualdade de género?

📰Article on the European construction process
️📎 ️️️Es braucht europäischen Dialog über Europa

🎙️Interview on gender equality
📎“Mulher Não Entra” quer lutar contra a exclusão das mulheres

❝ Quoted on the 2015 Portuguese elections
️📎️️️Vor Machtwechsel in Portugal: Was die Linke wirklich will

📰Article on the 2015 Portuguese elections
️📎Sorry, British Eurosceptics, but there was no coup in Portugal

❝ Quoted as the 12th most influencial in Portugal’s political twitter
️📎️️️Rui Tavares é o político mais influente no Twitter, revela estudo